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When you start feeding your mind positive thoughts, you will attract creative ideas, perfect opportunities, and absolutely wonderful people. Yes, you become a magnet to all good experiences, including money. Then, the secret is to take action. When opportunities arrive, get up, and take action. Then, and only then, can you be a catalyst to show others how to experience the same. Be the example. Think about what you say. Know that you are creating your tomorrows with your thoughts today.

You will also receive 6 Special Bonuses in addition to the Audio Book.

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Bonus Gifts:

  • The Science Of Getting Rich (Regularly $20.95)
  • The Science Of Being Great (Regularly $20.95)
  • New Paradigms (Regularly $69.95)
  • Turbo Charged 30 Day Goal Setting Program (Regularly $29.95)
  • The Power Of Meditation (Regularly $15.00)
  • The Magic Of Affirmation Power (Regularly $29.95)


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