Step 1

Do You Have A Deep Desire To Change Your Life?

This is the foundation of everything. You must have a deep longing to change your life and to feel more alive. You have to WANT to be transformed. Maybe you have attempted this before, but now you realize you cannot do it alone. This life is filled with either pleasure or pain. Beyond the illusion of pleasure and pain there is Freedom. There is Enlightenment.

Do You Have A Deep Desire To Change Your Life?

Step 2

Your Search For Meaning...

When you embark on your search for meaning you begin to create a life of good fortune and purpose. You now have the opportunity to receive deep teachings from an Awakened Teacher who can Transmit Light to you. This is a rare opportunity.

Your Search For Meaning...

Step 3

Go Deeper...

Enlightenment and all Spiritual Realization and Success have mainly come through studying with an Enlightened Teacher. We invite you to go deeper and apply to be a part of this transformational Energy and Divine Transmission. If you do not feel ready to go deeply into Mysticism and Meditation at this moment in your life, that’s OK. We still encourage you to experience the powerful Light Transmissions simply to have a better life, more good fortune, health, and joy. This will assist you to manifest what you want in your life.

Go Deeper...

Step 4

Are You Ready to Be Awakened?

Are You Ready to Be Awakened? Not everyone is ready for this kind of Transformation. Your desire to transform your life brought you here today, so let’s explore further.

Are You Ready to Be Awakened?

I Am Michele Blood

Why do people love the site of Light Shows, gold, diamonds rare gems? Why are we so mesmerized by Fireworks and Light Shows? It unconsciously reminds us of the Light and the experience of Divine Dimensions. Of going through the Divine Stargate.

It is the Divines way of giving us a taste of where we really live in consciousness when we are awake.  Everyone wants to be there, be home. OM. I always thought it was only saints and old white or bald-headed Holy men who could be Enlightened.

That is not the Truth EVERYONE can become Free. I know this because I have become free and now I dedicate my life to others becoming free and also enjoying their journey towards freedom through teaching how they can become more successful and happier right now. Happier in every area of their life starting with their soul.

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