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The Affirmation Power App


Your ultimate tool for daily affirmations, manifestation techniques, and transformative content! This app is your gateway to manifesting positive change and achieving your goals in a fun way.

Michele Blood, created these Magical, Powerful affirmations just for you. These affirmations will allow you to create Higher Consciousness to attract and manifest great success and happiness in your life.

Having access anytime to these powerful, positive affirmations will create within yourself more Confidence, More Money, and More Success!

Receive a new affirmation notification every day to cultivate a positive mindset and attract abundance, success, and true fulfillment. Browse through affirmations that uplift every area of your life – from prosperity, to harmonious relationships, health, Divine Love, and more!

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New Paradigms Print Book


Embark on an electrifying journey of transformation with the groundbreaking book, “New Paradigms”! Unleash the untapped potential within you and learn how to really use the awe-inspiring Law Of Attraction as you delve into the pages crafted by none other than the star of the renowned “The Secret,” Bob Proctor, and the extraordinary Michele Blood.

Drawing upon the resounding success of their best-selling New Paradigms Audio Program, this book elevates your consciousness to unprecedented heights, paving the way for a life of boundless success and harmony.

Explore the realms of Decision, Risk, Communication, Success, and Persistence. Unlock the secrets of Meditation and Intuition while the pulsating MusiVation(TM) affirmation songs infuse your spirit with newfound vigor. Bid farewell to limiting old paradigms and embrace a universe of positivity, wealth, and robust health that you truly deserve.

The time is now! Seize the moment and claim your destiny as you immerse yourself in “New Paradigms.” Say yes to a life empowered, illuminated, and enriched beyond measure!

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Manifestation Through The Power Of Mysticism Print Book


With this print version of our amazing, world’s first manifestation video book your mind will become overflowing with prosperous, successful, new thoughts. Are you ready to embark on an empowering journey towards abundance and transformation? Open your mind, and let your reality flourish with the wisdom of ages past. The life you want is just a step away.

Discover timeless wisdom, and embark on a life-changing journey to reshape your reality. In this eBook version of our captivating, World’s First Manifestation Video Book, we reveal the profound truth that has guided humanity for over two and a half millennia: “We are what we think.” Are you ready to unleash the potential of your thoughts and create a new world?

Unleash the magnetic force within you that attracts prosperity, healing, and success. This ebook is your key to turning your life around a full 360 degrees. As you immerse yourself in the enriching content, your subconscious mind will absorb the treasures of knowledge, ultimately manifesting into your everyday experiences. Become the most positive version of yourself, as you learn to spot opportunities, take decisive action, and become a magnet to wealth and prosperity.

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The Manifestation Video Book App

Introducing The World’s First
Manifestation Video Book
Now As An App!

This Video Book has been created after many months Of Inspired Creativity and Inspiration from on High, to uplift, inspire, and quicken your journey to Success. Embark on a captivating adventure with Michele Blood, Holly Fallah, and Treavor Rogers. Together, they’ve poured months of work and their years and years of experience into crafting this unparalleled, joy-infused, life-altering Video Book, just for your Enlightenment.

The Manifestation Through The
Power Of Mysticism Video Book App!
Watch The Introduction Below

Click Here To Learn More About The World’s First Manifestation Video Book!

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The Magnet To Money App

The Most Anticipated Manifestation App Is At Last Here!
You Can Be A Magnet To Money

Millions of fans world-wide listen to Michele’s Magnet To Money song continuously. Affirmations With Music Work 300x Faster Than Any Other Law Of Attraction Method.

Become A Magnet To Money

Money In Your Subconscious Mind

Create Permanent Change

You can also install this on your iPad & iPod!

The Magnet To Money App is the NUMBER ONE fastest path to Success, Prosperity and Happiness. This is how lasting change manifests.

Affirmations with music work three hundred times faster than any other manifestation method. The Positive Affirmation Lyrics affect the logical left side of the brain, while the melody and music stimulate the creative right side of the brain, creating a whole-brain experience. This way, the new positive thoughts enter directly into your subconscious mind and surpass the doubting mind, planting this new prosperous positive seed.

Learn More By Clicking Here.

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Manifestation Through The Power Of Mysticism Videobook


With this amazing, world’s first you will receive the video book which includes all the amazing visuals for your mind to become overflowing with prosperous, successful, new thoughts. This also includes Affirmation Power music videos. Not only that you will also receive the audiobook version and the eBook.

To learn more click here.

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Om Ring

These blessed Om rings will remind you of your Divine nature, and the spiritual being you are. Each ring is blessed for your Enlightenment, Prosperity, and Spiritual Success. They are made of solid gold (9k).

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Angel Prosperity Sleep Program


This is for you! This is your Angel Program!

This program is going to allow you to sleep deeply and have your Angel whispering in your ear, into every cell of your being, all the positive, wonderful things that you are and that you are manifesting and experiencing. Listen to this while you sleep and let your Angel guide you to prosperity, inner peace, love, and comfort.

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