The Mystical Experience Gold Level – $20 Special

$20.00 now, and $20.00 on the 2nd of each month

So many Enlightened minds and souls have been teaching the truths about the power of our thoughts, meditation, and mysticism for eons. From Augustas (Hermes) Trismigestus, The Buddha, Jesus the Christ, and all of the great authors of Metaphysics and Mysticism of the past 200 years.

  • Now, you too can travel to and beyond the known horizons of your mind and experience your own Awakening through the personal spiritual teachings and Light Transmissions from Michele Blood.
  • During meditation, Michele enters into Samadhi and directly Transmits Shakti (Divine Energy) which brings to you Peace, Light, Power, and Divine Wisdom.
  • This experience changes you in so many miraculous ways. You become very aware, intuitive and you experience inner peace and Divine Oneness.
  • This assists you to go beyond the doubting collective mind into Divine Dimensions, where the miraculous can be experienced.
  • Be prepared for an incredible journey to your True Higher Self.

First payment: July 2, 2024

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